About us

Riksförbundet Narkotikafritt Samhälle, RNS, is a non-profit organization that has existed for over 45 years. We work with opinion-making and political influence for a restrictive drug policy. The most important thing is to prevent illicit drug use. Therefore, we place great focus on our project Narkotikafri Skola, which aims to develop the high school drug prevention work. We believe in early detection and early intervention. All children and young people are entitled to growing up free from drugs!
The Swedish people want a restrictive drug policy, which repetitive opinion polls over the years show. Efforts against drugs are high on the citizens' list. High death rates, open drug markets on streets and an increasingly permissible view of cannabis among young people make people feel anxious.
Looking ahead we are worried that a disarmament of drug policy might be underway. We might face a situation where the problem is being redefined - individualized and mediated. The resources, knowledge and systems are available. The problem is lack of political leadership, coordination of resources and focus on prevention in order to limit the use and spread of illicit drugs.